Introducing the 1K4 Flip

Four 1000w ballasts & built-in lighting controller and flip, all in one box

I got Greg's first 1K4 prototype just check it out.
It worked so well I bought four more of them! Great ballast, great company. -- Ian H, Ontario, Canada



Why buy four ballasts, a lighting controller and a flip box when the 1K4 does it all in one box for HALF the price?

  • Four individually dimmable channels
  • Built-in lighting controller with 120/240 volt trigge
  • Built-in flip box -- run 8 lights, 4 at a time!
  • Connects to a single 30 amp 240 volt breaker
  • Lights Metal Halide or HPS lamps
  • All digital
  • Low RF noise
  • Eight standard plugs, your lights will plug right in
  • Easy to wire, solid machined-brass fittings -- no consumer electronic junk

Stealth Startup
This feature lights up each channel a random 1 seconds to 90 seconds after the last channel to keep the power company's new digital meters from identifying the load as a room full of grow lights. Top growers asked for this feature, and we built it. Exclusively from PurGro.

Technical Specs
At 92% efficiency and a crest factor of < 1.7, this is one sweet ballast. Strike voltage is well over 3000 volts to light the longest cables and the oldest lamps. Total Harmonic Distortion is less than 10% for low RF noise and minimal acoustic signature, and Power Factor is actively corrected to greater than 0.99 for maximum efficiency in power conversion. This is as good as a ballast gets! Built from scratch by PurGro, by growers for growers.

Everyone asked for the flip version, so we made it standard! Built-in controller, built-in flip and four 1000 Watt dimmable channels. Field repairable, too. Your PurGro dealer can fix these ballasts right in the store with a simple Field Repair kit from PurGro. Try THAT with anyone's else's digital ballast. Solid equipment, great price, and you can actually fix it yourself.

Download a copy of the 1K4 manual here